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Is there any way to force the update of geometry for a hidden (i.e. It seems like all of the geometry updating routines wait until the widget is shown to actually update the layout/geometry.I have a QMenu with an embedded widget (provided by a QWidget Action).The content of the embedded widget is updated between showings of the menu which could cause the size of the embedded widget to change.

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The widget's size Hint is not updated until it is actually shown, too late to influence the size of the menu.Consequently, the menu uses the stale size of the widget, and the size of the menu is always lagging behind the size of the widget by one update cycle.I was thinking if I could force the widget to update its layout (really its size Hint) prior to being shown, the QMenu could obtain the correct size Hint from the widget. I have hit upon a work-around that I can make use of for the time being.If the top-level layout of the widget is altered then the widget will report the correct size Hint to the menu prior to being shown.However, if the contents of only child widget layouts are altered, changes do not percolate up until the widget is actually being shown (too late). If not then there is this secret attribute that convinces the widget it is being shown and then you should be able to force its layout to recalculate.

Forcing either only a single top-level layout or a change to the top-level layout prior to being shown seems to do the trick so that the correct size Hint is reported to the QMenu. But try other things first, this is not something very reliable. There is significant overlap in the examples, but they are each intended to illustrate a different concept and be fully stand alone compilable. Clip a vtk Rectilinear Grid with arbitrary polydata.In this example, use a vtk Cone Source to generate polydata to slice the grid, resulting in an unstructured grid. This section includes vtk Image Data, vtk Structured Grid, and vtk Rectilinear Grid."Image Data" is not the traditional "flat, 2D image" you are used to.It is a special VTK data structure in the collection of 3D data structures provided by VTK. Image data can represent at typical 2D image, but also, a 3D volume.Render Man is a high quality rendering system create by Pixar.