dating pisces woman Pros cons dating coworker

Ending up in such a situation however may not be all doom and gloom and there are many advantages of it too, in addition to some negatives of course.

Working with a person in a professional environment tells you a lot about them so having a relationship with a coworker can create a very unique kind of a spark.

Knowing your soul mate in a professional capacity can make you know them in a better way.

Pros of Dating a Collegue A huge advantage of dating your colleague is that you can spend a lot of time with them even though most of it may not be very enjoyable.You can keep an eye in their activities for most part of the day and be a part of their professional life as well.You can have lunch with each other as well in such a relationship which can quell any ‘dine out’ argument very forcefully. Sure meeting are fun, you are having the time of your life, you are connecting and bonding, but have you ever perceived the future, or where it is and will headed towards? You spend your maximum hours of a day at work, trying to impress that one person within your professional boundaries, taking him/her out for a lunch or an intimate dinner, or just hanging out with the only person in order to foresee a relationship. But it’s time to be professionally responsible and act likes a mature person.

We agree that “Love is in the Air”, and Cupid has shot a deep arrow through your heart.

Well, according to a survey, at least 56% of the people experience office romance, whether a random or a serious one leading towards marriage.

The “UGLY” truth is that office romances are very complicated and not preferred.

But no one can avoid it, but can prevent making mistakes which might lead to emotional meltdown, or a full-fledged job termination.

It’s up to you to find out how to handle an office romance, and to what length it must be known to other people. It sure is not easy but with proper attitude and performance; one can sail through the storm.

Some people would suggest that developing a romantic relationship with a coworker is not the smartest thing to do but sometimes, you just cannot resist and end up dating a colleague.