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An Image Consultation Before & After from the website “We have more male than female clients,” says Baxter, “but the Wing Women work well with both.It’s interesting to see where our clients want to go, depending on their age.Usually clients in their twenties want to go to a club or lounge.

We can make suggestions on where to go, or a client might want to go to a specific place he or she is used to.

We’ll go to any venue with a client as long as it’s a public, safe space.” I did not ask Baxter for advice on date ideas, not because I wanted to avoid her reasonable fee, but because I’m still trying to get my boyfriend to take me to the New England Aquarium for their new Weird Lobsters of the World exhibit.

I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of a pro.

You need skills and strategies to find and keep a loving, lasting relationship. Give yourself a gift and become proactive to find love; and remain open to the idea that love may come in an unexpected package.

As Picasso said: “I don’t look, I find.” Think less about who you want, and more about the kind of person you need to make you happy.

To receive our monthly newsletter, Love Matters, and information about upcoming events, please enter your email address.Dating in Boston, although the city is a veritable hot-bed of overeducated single people and quirky restaurants, can be tough.How About reported in 2012 that “walking around the Common” is the most popular first date in Boston, although hanging around Davis Square in Somerville is a close second.For those of us who think walking around aimlessly with a cute person sounds terrifying, professional help is available!Susan Baxter, founder and CEO of Hire a Boston Wing Woman, says her lifelong interest in sociology led her to championing the art of breaking the ice.“The interest I have in people and how they interact with others is what drove me to my Master’s degree and why I started this business.” Baxter and her staff of personable, friendly women (though one, named Margarita, looks suspiciously like a stock photo) are available for hire as Date Coaches, Image Consultants, and On-Site Wing Women, starting at /hour.