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S.-based non-profit that focuses on advancing global progress, released a new index last week that ranked 132 countries based on a variety of indicators, including basic human needs, foundations of well-being and opportunity.

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"The index shows that economic growth does not automatically lead to social progress," Michael Green, executive director of the Social Progress Imperative, told Reuters.

"If we are to tackle problems such as poverty and inequality, it shows that measuring economic growth alone is not enough." The following chart, created by Statista, illustrates the top 20 countries ranked in this year's SPI, as well as how they fared within the three primary categories.

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(cap.) the doctrines and beliefs of the Progressive party in America.

the principles and practices of those advocating progress, change, or reform, especially in political matters.2.

In the 21st century, news is a big business like any other. It might have been a whimper so far when pitted against television, but the Wiki Leaks drama has given it a drill sergeant’s voice.

Though Wiki Leaks has started a slanging match, one cannot deny that it has also forced us to take a second look at the role of the media in educating the public.

Do we trust it at our own peril or do we take it at face value? Progressive journalism maybe flailing at the windmills of ad-sponsored media blitzkriegs, but it has a huge role to play for raising awareness and triggering debate. Can these eight progressive websites open our eyes and make us read news with a more inquisitive eye? You can also set up news alerts for receiving notifications when new cables become available.