fat chicks dating services Playing the game when dating

The game: everyone bitches about it, but sadly everyone engages in it.

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We place all the blame on men for playing these games, but honestly it’s the females who invented this concept.

Guys love a challenge, but it comes to a point where guys don't want to waste their time preoccupying themselves with utter nonsense.

If you continuously act disinterested for too long, he will eventually give up.

He wants the bullsh*t cut out and the truth laid out in front of him — as well as your naked body.

If you like him, let him know and stop confusing the sh*t out of him because you think it's what he wants. We think by playing hard to get we will eventually get what we want.

Why do we put ourselves through this confusing sh*t? Maybe this is true, but isn't it a lot more efficient to be up front and honest?We over think text messages and other exchanges and think there is a deeper, alternative meaning. Aren't we a little old to engage in this psychological warfare? Time is moving way too quickly too waste time on this petty nonsense.Sometimes what people say is actually what they mean — I know, shocking. The thing is once we hook these people and they catch on to our games, they play them back. Honestly wouldn't it be better for everyone if we just stopped playing games? A better question would be where isn't the fun in that.Literally, just yesterday my friend and I were agonizing over our respective “people's” (or whatever the f*ck you want to call them in this day and age) text messages. Then we get pissed and confused as to why they aren't immediately responding or asking us to hang out. I understand the chase is enticing and exciting but keep that shit to a few weeks max, not month long endeavors.Women like to weigh their options, which is probably why we pull this sh*t.If you think the girl you're talking to is only texting you, well my friend, you are sadly mistaken.