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The 70-year-old psychologist and Internet dating entrepreneur was trying to tell me why it had taken him a month to return my calls.“We thought you would categorize us in some religious way which we think is unfair.” I was a little surprised by Warren’s candor and by his savvy.While I hadn’t decided what I thought about e Harmony or its founder, I had heard a few disturbing things about them.I went into my research with as open a mind as possible for a confirmed secularist writing about a dating site that attracts a lot of Christians, and won’t match gays or depressed people or anyone who’s been married more than twice.Which is to say, I was curious but ready to disapprove.

And my suspicions about the company increased the longer it took e Harmony to get back to me.

I seemed to be the exception, since Warren has granted recent interviews to publications such as the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

He’s the public face of an Internet matchmaking company that has, in five years, become one of the industry’s top five and that boasts the most marriages-per-coupling of any other site.

All of its broadcast ads feature Warren, its waggly-browed founder, who promises to help you find the love of your life.

In the ads, Warren comes off as either unctuous or avuncular, depending on your perspective, which might conceivably be skewed if you happen to be homosexual, in which case Warren will not help you find the love of your life.

Unlike other dating sites that allow customers to browse for potential partners who appeal to them, e Harmony visitors fill out personality questionnaires and are matched with other users according to Warren’s “29 dimensions” of compatibility.