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When I think of legal prostitution, Amsterdam comes to mind, then some weird brothel in Nevada.

While there are brothels, establishments only offering sexual services from a variety of women to choose from, girls also work outside of them. Not once in Panama City did we see a street walker, that we knew of.

To be fair, we didn’t even see a tenth of the city’s streets, and certainly not seedier areas where street walkers might work.

Instead, in our area of town, the financial district, prostitutes frequent certain bars and clubs as a place to meet potential customers.

Nikita attested to this as he went with a friend to a local bar, one known for being a place to meet prostitutes, to see what Panama’s legal prostitution industry looked like.

All a John had to do was basically show up to the bar, and he would be approached by a girl sooner rather than later.

Making eye contact for even a few seconds was an unspoken invitation for the girl to approach, try to start a conversation, and flirt.Nikita likened it to what he imagined was a typical experience at a bar.“You’re at a bar, and a drunk guy comes up to you, starts talking to you and gets handsy- whether you asked for it or not.” Only a tiny sliver of our experience in Panama City was of the sex industry- thankfully!After the fight, we hit the area around our hotel, Riu Plaza Panama, to have some fun and blow off steam from the hectic lead up to the fights.We hit up some bars, and unbeknownst to me, we ventured back to that same bar.I was apprehensive, but also curious, so I went along with it.