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If you’re uploading data into the grid, our parsing algorithm checks your data against more than 400 date formats to find the best match, even when your dates are in several styles.

It takes a bit of extra time, but we think you’ll be happy with the results.

Read more below to learn how to enter dates and times in the grid, and how to change the format displayed on your graph. You can enter this format directly, or depending on your data entry method, use our parsers to convert for you.

For our API users, we have guides for time series in MATLAB, Python, and R. For plotly.js, we support Java Script Date objects.

Using MATLAB, you can specify the date format directly so our parser knows what to do.

In R, we support R’s classes Date, POSIXlt and POSIXct in our ggplot2 to Plotly conversion.

To enter dates directly in the grid, you’ll need to use the format: yyyy-mm-dd HH: MM: SS.ssssss Note that the hour must be a number between 00 and 23, with hours 12 through 23 reserved for PM. When you make a graph in Plotly with dates and times, the default labeling picks spacing that fits the graph.

Here our dates included both year and month, but as you can see, Plotly displays years on the x axis.

Select the Labels tab to reveal options for a Custom date format and Hover format.

We use the time format here (see the table below for some of the most used examples).

For example, in Custom date format, To change the number of values displayed on the time axis, use the Ticks tab in the AXES popover.