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While its user base may be roughly the same, Ok Cupid's actual means of "matching" is very different to POF, and is certainly novel - users answer a multitude of questions from a seemingly endless bank in the hope of finding a reasonably-similar and un-axe-murderer-like companion.It starts out quite fun, asking the same kind of questions you'd find in the back of Girl Talk in the '90s, however things take a bit of a darker turn when it constantly asks you whether or not you're a racist or to publicly declare the daily antics of your nether regions.

"You appear to be more organised than straight women your age," Ok Cupid adds, thoroughly ramming the nail into the coffin of any potential date I may find.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that not one of those characteristics applies to me. Casting my mind back to those Girl Talk quizzes, apparently I should already be married to a Titanic-era Leonardo Di Caprio by now.

I knew even then, at eight years old, covered in pink nail polish at a sleepover, that multiple choice quizzes are a load of old toot.

Lois from Take Me Out says: Five weeks on, I'm still begrudgingly languishing in the purgatory of online dating.

Reluctant to pay any kind of fee for the privilege of being approached by men who closely resemble Albert Steptoe, I have begun looking into the uncharted waters of the free sites to see what I can find.

Last week I tried out the much maligned Plenty Of Fish, which to my surprise wasn't quite the godforsaken hellhole I was expecting, in fact it even provided a means of blocking propositions from men old enough to be my father, which I thought was a nice touch.This made me feel reasonably optimistic about this week's expedition - an Indiana-Jones-scale adventure into the unknown land they speak of only as Ok Cupid.When I say "optimistic," I am most likely referring to the same kind of optimism one feels when one has managed to walk through a park without stepping in a single pile of dog poo, but it was optimism that I was feeling nonetheless. Ok Cupid, like POF, is one of the largest free dating sites on the web, which as I explained last week comes with its pros and cons.Notably, particularly if you are someone looking to meet people in your local area, you are highly likely to come across the same old faces if you are registered on both sites - which if you've had a few awkward interactions on POF beforehand just leads to a whole new level of awkwardness, as Ok Cupid helpfully flashes up an indicator whenever someone visits your profile.This means that you have to take that weird bald guy who's a bit slow on the uptake through the five stages of grief all over again when you don't respond to his second slew of messages asking for photographs of the soles of your feet, which is never a pleasant experience.Also, apparently you can pay a premium to browse invisibly so that nobody knows that you're stalking their profile, which isn't creepy at all.