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Amongst the recent new changes to appear on Facebook, there is a “ticker” (a rolling real time list of what your friends are doing).

Not everyone has received it yet, because it’s on a staggered rollout, but millions have already seen it.

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The ticker makes it very simple for you to eavesdrop when one of your Facebook friends says something to someone you’ve never heard of – and even see what the stranger originally wrote too.

Testing shows that your privacy settings are working the same as they did before, providing you used them in the first place.

The appalling enforced eavesdropping in the ticker (your friend said something to someone you’ve never heard of) is the result of the lax or non-existent settings of your friends, so here’s the deal.. You have “friends of friends” or “public” as the privacy setting for your posts. One of your Facebook friends comments on your post, or clicks “Like”. As well as all the people commenting on the thread seeing what has been posted (this much is normal), Facebook also tells all *their* friends what was said. Your friend’s settings *cannot* stop this from happening, *your* settings can protect your friends’ privacy, in this instance.

The ticker has just made it much easier to eavesdrop on what were probably intended to be more private conversations.

So, do this – and make your friends do it too: * Stop using the “Friends of friends” setting. * If you use the “Public” setting, explain that you are doing so.

Then people can decide if they want *all* of their friends to be informed of their comments.* “Limit” all previous posts you have made via the privacy settings (unless you had “friends only” or specific lists already) – this will change everything to “friends” only and will stop people you deleted but did not block, people who sent you friend requests that you ignored, and friends of friends from seeing your activity (yes they can, if you are not on “Friends” or lists).* Use lists to decide who you want to see things (use the privacy controls in the top right of your posts). The problem is complicated to explain, but the solution is simple. If you find your friends aren’t understanding the issue, forget about explaining the details and “copy and paste” this to your status: "Please do me a favor and move your mouse over my name here, wait for the box to load and then move your mouse over the "Subscribe" link. I would really rather that my comments on friends and families posts not be made public, thank You!* Encourage your friends to restrict their setting to “friends” or custom lists too. * Inform strangers or the connecting friend when strangers show up in your feed. This will illustrate to them why they also need to change their settings. If you want to stop strangers from seeing everything you do, you and your friends need to change your privacy settings to “Friends” or custom lists. Then re-post this if you don't want your every single move posted on the right side in the "Ticker Box" for everyone to see!It is not just your settings that control what goes in your Facebook newsfeed and appears on your friends’ tickers. " This appears to be the most commonly suggested solution on Facebook, and it’s rubbish!Anyone’s posts which have privacy set to more than “Friends” will go to all the friends of all the commenters. It still doesn’t stop *your* posts being broadcast. This option stops you seeing when other people have broadcast a message to a wide audience.