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I think Teenchat is a great place to meet people and have some conversations about a range of topics.

recent issue of a woman’s magazine instructed their readers to date “nerds.” The article read like it was written by a bunch of mean girl anthropologists in little black dresses who just discovered a whole new species of men. I am qualified to characterize what a nerd is, namely because I am a nerd. A nerd is someone who is very passionate about very specific things. I will talk and argue and laugh about any of those topics, hopefully over beers and baskets of fried things.

They seemed so happy to find guys who weren’t smug investment bankers, aging jocks, or sociopathic musicians. I can’t abide people who have no opinions, no passion, no great obsessions that serve as life’s hot sauce. I divide men, and most people, into two camps: those who explode like fireworks, and those with dull cow eyes. I like people who fill up like helium balloons when talking about topics, hobbies, or news stories that are important to them.

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Allowing these sorority girl scribblers to explain nerds is like asking a Klingon to explain The Force. I’m sure there are men out there who can be, much the way I know there are women who only want dudes who are into banking, saunas, and not working. He also has a sizable arsenal of handguns, rifles, and I’m headed to his bunker when the dead start to rise. I’m a nerd about graphic novels, and politics, and food. An alpha nerd can love Lord of the Rings, and the company of women. I can’t be in a relationship with a woman who is only into makeup, diets, and marriage. I have a friend who’s a total gun nerd — he collects and refurbishes Civil War-era muskets. Like, I’m half-man, half-movie, I love them so much.For instance: I largely regard baseball as a great excuse to sit outside, drink beer, and eat hot dogs. : DHeyas:) Yer I've been coming on to this site for a while now and its great!!!! Ive met a lot of awesome people from all over the world here, and some have become really good friends! It's a fun site to meet new people and to realize that there are people all over the world that u can have a convo with besides the boring old people who live close by.

: DI don't think I've ever found a cooler local on the internet.

Before teen chat I was stuck talking to idiots on AOL chat rooms.

Here the people are intelligent and we can have engaging conversations.

My life is much less dull thanks to Teen Chat : DI've been intending Tc for the past, 4 days and so far there's nothing more remarkable and fun to be at.

I like chatting more here than on Myspace, you have so many rooms to choose from and people to chat, weird, boring or cool you'll find those kind of people here :)I've been here for a little too long, but I've enjoyed my time none the less.

Made a lot of great friends in TPC, even met a few of them offline.