Naruto and sakura dating

But he soon finds it fun to play Cupid, and he decides to pair up every shinobi he knows with their One True Love.

He suggested the idea of Kakashi playing matchmaker.

Kakashi smiled to himself as a he walked down the sidewalk, his face buried in a book as always. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was Saturday. Sitting on the curb with a half-eaten candy bar in his hand was none other than Naruto himself. " Naruto asked him as he crammed the rest of the candy bar into his mouth."Enjoy my day off," he replied. He was about to say something, but Naruto interupted him."WHY DOESN'T SHE RETURN MY FEELINGS OF LOVE?! " Naruto replied in a confused tone."Well, isn't it obvious that-" Kakashi's voice trailed off. "There's nothing to do.""Why don't you go play with Sasuke or Sakura? And Sakura..." Naruto sighed sadly, "She hates me.""Hm..." Kakashi mused. 'She really is mean to Naruto...' Sure enough, Naruto was not really Naruto. " Kakashi arched his exposed eyebrow."Maybe you can pretend to be me, impress Sakura, and set us up on a date? "I was going to say she complimented you...""Oh..." Kakashi stared at Naruto, and Naruto stared at him."I'll pay you 50 yen," Naruto grinned."Done," Kakashi began to make handsigns. In fact, she didn't even look up from the sandwitch she was eating.'Hm...' Naruto thought to himself. "Naruto" shrugged and took a seat on the bench next to her bookbag."How's it going? "He told me that Guy-sensei told him all about some party for the teachers, and that Kurenai-sensei-""Okay, stop! "She was drunk, and she thought I was Asuma, and I managed to break out of her grip before things went too far.""Um..." Naruto paused. " Naruto waved at the pink-haired girl sitting on a park bench."Hello, Naruto," she replied without much enthusiasm. " Kakashi asked, slightly confused."Rock Lee," Naruto replied.

I mean, you're so smooth with the ladies and everything," Naruto shrugged."Who said I was smooth with the ladies?

" Sakura asked."I'm sorry for being so annoying..." Naruto sighed. I'm annoying, Kakashi's super cool, Sasuke's stuck up, and you're pretty.

"You're so annoying."'Perfect...' Kakashi/Naruto thought to himself."Oh..." Naruto sounded hurt. " Sakura noticed his tone."I'm sorry..." Naruto stated sadly."For what?

" Naruto asked."No," Kakashi replied."Okay, 200, and a free copy of the new Icha Icha book," Naruto smirked."A free copy?

""Um..." Sakura pushed a few stands of hair out of her eyes. "Pay up.""I'll pay you 100, plus the 50, if you go meet her and pretend to be me," Naruto grinned."No," Kakashi replied."150?

He quickly stuffed it into his jacket when he saw Kakashi approaching. " Naruto asked."The Ramen shop in 3 hours," Kakashi stuck his hand out. "I can talk him into giving you a free copy, I bet...""Hm..." 200 yen, and a copy of the newest volume of his favorite book series, Hm.