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What is rewarding in my job is that my wines can be known and enjoyed almost all over the world.Result of that, are the several medals and commend notes my wines have got over the years.

All of this to keep making better wines for Angels every year!

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Luis's Story "I work very closely with great winemaker Antonio Ventura to bring Naked Angels the very best wines from Portugal.

I was born in a family with a huge tradition in wine production. Every year we learn what nature gives us, and every crush is different than the previous.

All over my life I was been used to living among vineyards and barrels. This way, I’ve got the possibility to experience new daily situations and learn with them.

My wines are special because we take carefully care of the vineyards minute by minute.

From the vineyard to the arrival of grapes to the winery, in crush time, the control is meticulous in order to avoid damage.

This way, and as we are based in such a privileged region, allows me to make wines with character, suitable for the final consumer. “Angels” will enjoy native grapes, typically Portuguese, resulting in very particular blends.

Sometimes we have to consider that mother nature does not go the way that we wish.

I’ve got some harvests that I made extraordinary wines, but others I’ve got damages on the vineyard due to rain, cold and frost or high temperatures and hard sun exposures, that the result wasn’t very pleasant.