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At The Moscow News, our theme of the week is single expat women in Moscow – and what is hampering them in their pursuit of relationships. It’s why I’m interested in articles about thorny relationship issues.While the story itself was certainly interesting to do, the initial responses to it online were no less fascinating. ” One lovely chap from the Czech Republic wrote to me. ”When someone else pointed out that the woman he was tweeting at – i.e. And from everything I’ve seen, Western women don’t need to pretend to be someone else to find love in Moscow – however impermanent or strange love may ultimately turn out to be.

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“Russians aren’t the only ones [who reject American women]! In my experience, the Russian men who fall for Western women tend to be different.

There is no specific “type” of Russian man who does it – though I suppose that anyone who dates a foreigner has to be somewhat open-minded in one way or another.

Some are rich, and some are poor, some are in the arts, while others are hard-nosed businessmen, and so on.

The one interesting thing these men tend to have in common is their confidence.

You don’t need to be a pick-up artist to know that confidence is the only “trick” there is – and that it is the same for women.

My anecdotal evidence suggests that expat women who date in Moscow don’t exactly lack it either.When I told an American friend – let’s call her Jane – about our upcoming article, and the negative experiences of other Western women we describe, she was philosophical about it.“Love is about luck – and there is no real formula for success,” Jane said.“But it’s also true that when I first came to Moscow, I was very intimidated by the whole dating scene.I kept thinking, ‘Well, I’m obviously not as feminine as the local women, so I’ll probably stay single.’ And for over a year, it was true.” Then Jane made a new friend – an older Russian man who told her that she needs to stop worrying and start living.“He reminded me that I’m still young, that I need to get out more,” she said.