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Her changes of heart–even that initial betrayal with Bryce years ago–seem dictated more by the plot than any real feeling.

I may not have believed Jill, but I did believe Chuck's feelings for her.And I totally believed the joy he took in showing her how well he was doing for himself, not once but twice: The first by way of a CIA-aided lie, the second by way of the need to confess the truth of his involvement with the CIA.And that makes something possible that Chuck hasn't had the entire series: A relationship with a woman that's not based on deception or hindered by professional obligation. I'll be your Chuck sub while Steve Heisler attends to other commitments this week.(Hint: They may involve his other job as a CIA agent.) I was happy to step in when Steve said he needed a sub.

When I watched the Chuck premiere last year, I left a little underwhelmed.But when I caught up with the reruns this summer, I found either the show had gotten better or I'd been wrong the first time around. But there was one central element that didn't work for me at all.(Which, of course, couldn't have been the case, right? The Chuck-and-Sarah (or, more accurately, Chuck-without-Sarah) thread led to some interesting places. This is a story about Chuck's romantic life, past, present, and possible future.) This was a pretty terrific episode even by the high standards of this second season. First, the past, as seen in a flashback to an embarrassing incident at Stanford in 2003: We meet the much-pined-about Jill who a) failed to believe that Chuck was kicked out of school unfairly and b) started sleeping with Bryce Larkin.Later we, and Chuck, meet her again as a successful biomedical engineer who, after getting getting fed a fake story of Chuck's great success, agrees to date him, then gets mortified to learn he's lying, then kisses him.No offense to Jordana Brewster, who's quite charming here, but I didn't buy this character for a second.