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When Jordana feels snubbed by Erika and the other ladies, she aligns herself with the only other Baseball Wife she feels will have her—Anna.

Also, Cheri and Chantel plan a getaway with plans to leave a certain troublemaker in the group behind.

Jordana invites Anna to come with them on girls' trip to the Turks and Caicos islands, putting a further strain within the group.

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In the series finale, the ladies discover that Brooke may be out of the group, but not out of nasty things to say about them.

An attempt to set her straight once and for all ends with more than mere egos shattered.

#‎Forbes‬ World's billionaires were announced today. In the 30th annual guide to the world’s richest, they found 1,810 ‪#‎billionaires‬, down from a record 1,826 a year ago. None the less, you can always see any NEW billionaires from the newest Forbes 400 Billionaires List for 2016 here.

The series aired on VH1 and is set in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is primarily home to baseball's spring training of the Cactus League.

It was confirmed by Baseball Wives cast member Jordana Lenz that the show had been canceled.

The fur flies in the explosive series premiere when an offhand remark made by Erika finds its way back to Chantel, who refuses to let the insult lie.

Also, Jordana finds it hard to move on from her failed relationship with a player.

When Anna pushes Chantel to forgive Erika, Chantel bites back by inviting a figure from Anna's past to Scottsdale to settle the score.

Also, a trip to a local firing range heats up when Tanya falls for the instructor's big guns.

During speed dating for Chantel, Jordana throws a tantrum when the tables are turned on her and Cheri's reaction puts everyone on edges.

Later, Anna's retouching of the girls' pinup calendar ends in fireworks after she insults Cheri yet again.