Meeting after internet dating

Being yourself is attractive and shows that you're comfortable in your own skin.2. When the activity for your date is agreed upon, talking him into doing something else will make you seem unreceptive. When you acknowledge the things he's shared during your conversations, he'll feel heard and appreciate you for paying attention.6. It's never a good idea to talk about your ex, why you've been single for nine years or your medical problems. Letting your guard down helps him open up and feel comfortable talking, e-mailing and texting with you. Be lighthearted and stay away from heavy, serious topics. This shows him that you're interested in him rather than just looking for a free meal.

If he suggests something you've never done before, try it! There will be plenty of time after your first date to share more personal information.By Brett Smiley Whether you're looking for a fling or a long-lasting love, online dating may be just the tool to help you find Mr. Kevin, 39, says he had a number of pretty average dates before he met his future wife. To give you some insight into the male mind when it comes to connecting online, we chatted with seasoned daters—some who even met their future wives online—to understand what a guy is thinking on and after that first in-person date.There were only a couple of dates where I was eager to get out fast, he says, recalling one horror story in particular.After being over an hour late, she got up from the table, twice, to throw up in the bathroom.

Of his online-made dates overall he says, Great experiences, all of them, but I am so relieved to be done!If the experiences from Jeff, 32, are any indication, then online dating can produce some wild stories.After sharing a bit too much sake over dinner with a woman he'd met on a dating site, the night continued at a bar, and then culminated in an alley, where he and the woman slept together.I guess the age-old lesson is that alcohol only leads to good things for guys and bad things for girls, he says.Another lesson: Some guys are only looking for one date.Jason, 26, recalls a date with a woman who'd invited him to come out with a couple of her friends.