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dating websites, troubles of Great Expectations and comments & observations of former owners/employees, recent actions by WA and Wisconsin State Attorney General’s offices.Competitor Profiles (headquarters, website, how the service works, no. of customers, profile of its customers, franchising, avg. In-depth profiles for following companies…(For matchmakers profiled below… an in-depth discussion and description of how they operate, typical fees, clients served, specializations, address or phone and website.gross sales potential per office, typical profit margins, expenses, marketing methods, recent mergers/acquisitions, recent company developments, estd. Findings of Marketdata phone interviews, opinions on status of the market.) Profiles of some leading dating coaches (Evan Marc Katz, Susan Rabin, Susan Bradley, Annie Gleason, Jeannine Kaiser, Nancy Slotnick, Janice Bennett, David Wygant, Elizabeth Macinnis, Barbara Elgin, Lisa Shield, Patti Feinstein, Matt Titus, Lauren Francis). This is the ONLY in-depth business analysis that covers ALL segments of the Dating Service Industry.

cost per 900 number call, cost to responders to ad vs. other methods.$ Size of the Personal Ads Market: discussion/analysis of decline of the market, past media estimates, personal ads’ share of total 900/976 number call volume, Marketdata estimates & forecasts of personals mkt. singles publications, by state Summary & analysis of 2007 Census survey (latest available): the dating services industry NAICS code, no. S., national receipts, payroll costs, key ratios (avg. This newly updated 6th edition Marketdata study is a fascinating analysis of the matchmaking industry.

size, 2001, 2005-2012 growth outlook, based on phone interviews, inherent problems/limitations of personal ads. The popularity of dating services has been strong lately, helped in part by the recession as well as recent economic and political turmoil.

Radio Station Datelines: status report & discussion/analysis of popularity of radio automated “datelines”, Status Report: The leading providers of Interactive Voicemail Systems today, effect of online dating services as main contributor to decline in this market, comments by management regarding withdrawal from market by competitors, profiles of two companies left: Spark Network Services and Telepublishing International. The Dating Service market is currently a .1 billion business in the U. Online dating services have soared in popularity since 2001 and represent 53% of the market’s value.

Highlights of ALL study chapters: Discussion of industry status as of 2009, 2010, 2011 performance, major developments and trends since 2009, discussion of effect of the recession, opinions of market consultants, customer dissatisfactions, factors affecting demand, how services operate/avg.

receipts, customer demographics, industry $ size/growth: 1991-2015 F, main market segments $ value (2005-2015F), separate outlooks for: dating websites, off-line chains, matchmakers, dating coaches, personal ads, radio datelines, phone chat lines, how services operate, regulatory actions/image problems, industry structure/latest Census ratios (national).

Recommended ethics/precautions consumers should take before signing contracts, screening procedures, entry of large corporations to the business, why demand is growing for dating services, singles demographics. Operating ratios of franchised dating services (avg.Discussion of industry characteristics, evolution of “marriage market intermediaries”, definition of types of providers (singles/personal ads, video dating services, singles events, interactive voicemail systems, traditional matchmakers, computer dating - how each service operates, estimated number in U. gross revenues for small, mid- sized, large metro areas, amount spent on advertising, profit margins, $ allocated for office staff, rent, overhead, etc.)Market status and summary: historical growth of the industry’s largest franchises & chains, peak sales year, $ size of market (effects of online dating services, growth of radio dateline systems, mismanagement, rise of the personal ads, price resistance by customers, negative publicity).Major market segments: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 20125F, estimated revenues of: independent matchmakers, brick & mortar chains, personal ads mkt., dating websites, phone chat lines Status report: recent traffic patterns for top dating sites, effect of recession, effect of free sites (Plentyof Fish, Singlesnet), results of recent user polls, discussion of where future growth will come from (sponsoring events, Europe, mobile apps, niche sites), member retention, cost of entry to the market rising.Evolution and past strong growth of online dating, advantages & disadvantages to the user, reasons for growth, estimates of number of Americans using online dating (Com Score, Nielson), who the leading competitors are, types of dating sites Competitor Profiles (headquarters, website, how the service works, cost, no. registered users, profile of its customers, related services, recent mergers/acquisitions, recent company developments, estd.or actual company revenues to 2008, projections, mgmt. In-depth profiles for following companies… Summary & definition of “off-line” or “traditional” bricks & mortar dating services with physical offices, the franchises and major chains.History of these competitors, operating model used, competition vs.