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"We are not dating," Ballas told us earlier today, "but we are having a good time."Now that that rumor has been nipped in the bud, back to the dancing."It's a miracle what was done in three weeks," says the pro hoofer. She's not Miss Superior Dancer yet, but we'll get her as close to that as we can.

She's a little nervous, but she's doing very well."As for the show's skimpy costumes and sensual dance routines, Ballas tells us that Palin is game for sexing it up, saying, "She'll be fine doing them."Just how much skin will we see tonight? Rumor has it that Sarah Palin will be stopping by to cheer on her daughter this season and although Ballas says he hasn't yet met the mama bear, he'll give her a warm welcome."I'm looking forward to meeting her!

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