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In a normal pregnancy, having sex is not linked with early miscarriage.

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The thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus also protect your baby. Though your baby may thrash around a bit after orgasm, it's because of your pounding heart, not because he knows what's happening or feels pain. - Jamil Mutalib - Kedah TV ; Saad Jaafar @ Su-KJ - Penyokong KJ ; Zukri Valenteno - Utarawan ; Pewaris Reformasi - Minta Masa 5 Minit ; ZIdane @ Amdang - Amdang81.; Zach - Teh O Ais Limau Roti Canai ; AC-Here - I Truly Don't Give a Fuck*...

; Blogging4attention - Pickles ; Pekan08 - Harapan Baru Untok Malaysia ; Tak Gedebe - Jangan Perlekeh Suara Rakyat ; Prostrategik.- Kita Bina Bukan Meruntuh ; Serama - Serama Berkokok ; Malaysian Indian - Mi1 ; Onn Yeoh ; The Malaysian Insider Abdullahjones ; March 25th, 2008 - Sheikryz Ibnu Al-Haymdan - Wacana Ilham Dan Ilmu , I Speaks My Mind ; Fendy_Ahmad - Inspirasi 1982 ; Zainal A.Kasim - C-Bok ; Pemuda UMNO Cawangan Jalan Enggang ; Ar - Politickler ; Sebol - Beras Padu (So Po Aggregator) , Blog Tak Berdaftar Yang Perlu Dipantau ; Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi - Cake Eating Fool ; Multimid - Present Point Power ; Ds.As long as your husband is using a condom, and you are having a normal pregnancy, you can keep having sex right up until your waters break. The condom is necessary to protect your unborn baby, just in case your husband has been infected with the Zika virus. The Zika virus has been found in semen, so a husband who has Zika can infect his wife. Sex and Pregnancy: A Descriptive Analysis of Partnered and Solo Sexual Activity among Two Samples of Women. You should also check with your doctor first if you're having any problems with your pregnancy, such as a low lying placenta (placenta praevia) or bleeding, or if you have a history of cervical weakness. American Public Health Association Johnson CE, 2011.