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We had to hold our ground on that one." Whatever the story Apple was a great name for the new startup, and the antithesis of the old guard of Hewlett-Packard, Fairchild, etc.

As Michael Malone writes in his Apple history ‘Infinite Loop’ the Apple name was “smart, funny, anti-establishment, unforgettable, friendly but hip.” It wasn’t just a name “it was the culmination of the Age of Aquarius”.

Steve Jobs saw this as a revolting betrayal from the company that Apple once owned a 15% stake in.He then wreaked his revenge by denying Adobe’s Flash access to Apple's new wonderproducts the i Phone and i Pad.The 10kbps Apple Desktop Bus was Apple’s main connector for decades.We’ll start with Apple, for obvious if un-alphabetical reasons. Was it a tactic to be at the start of all lists of computer manufacturers in the same way that business telephone directories start with swathes of names such as of AAA111 Taxis?Apparently not, and anyway Acorn jumped in ahead of it.

One story has it that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs used to pick apples while at a commune and chose this rather loose connection as inspiration (source: ‘The Little Kingdom’ by Michael Moritz).

Another story is that Fab Four fan Jobs nicked the name from the Beatles’ label Apple Records – a decision that would later involve it in endlessly boring legal wrangles when Jobs and co released i Tunes and so forth.

Other names thrown in the ring for the two Steves’ fresh new computer company included the mouse-swallowingly bad Executek and Matrix Electronics.

(Source: ‘Apple Confidential 2.0’ by Owen Linzmayer) Woz has said that "to a marketer Apple was an odd name.

It came from the days when you picked an interesting, fun name for a company. The ad agency kept telling us the name had to be changed.

We had to have a name that suggested technology, number crunching, calculations, databases. Our computer would be friendly-everything an apple represents, healthy, personal, in the home.