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Physical attraction is something that most of us will either feel or not so I wouldn't think that's something to be ashamed of, it just is. I joined E-Harmony a while ago and liked it, for another way of meeting someone who may be compatible with me.

In my experience, I just didn't find that many guys close enough in physical distance, although I did converse w/quite a few for a time.

I actually met two guys after chatting a while via the cyberspace world and then speaking on the phone. Good Luck, you just never know how you are going to meet that special someone.

Great looking, seemed nice on paper, but something was off.....rather a turn off, once I met him. I've never done online dating, but my sister has been doing it for years.She has met a guy or two along the way that she dated for a longer time, but mostly just dates.She has gotten to the point where she says in her profile... It's my first experience with online dating, and something I never thought I would do.I'm in contact with a few men, but it's very strange.

Getting to know someone this way takes away some barriers (ex.talking about relationships upfront), but at the same time, different prejudices slip in.These are things I would never consider in real life because the person is right in front of me ( person is very overweight, but in person I would focus instead on what's attractive about the person).Another person is a chiropractor, and I like my real-life chiropractor.Therefore he must be a good guy:rolleyes: Another person has grammar mistakes, therefore he is undateable.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: Please don't throw cybertomatoes. I'm beginning the cyberdating experience, so I'm learning as it goes. Well, I definitely look for a guy who will at least take the time to capitalize properly (I hate it when people type "I" and "i" and can't capitalize the first word in a sentence) although I do not expect perfect grammar. Cyber-meeting/dating does give you a different perspective in first impressions.