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Lil Mo has never been one to bite her tongue when it comes to sharing her opinion on a subject and Taylor Swift fans are learning that the hard way because Mo recently blasted the pop megastar, claiming that she might have STDs.

The incident happened this week on Mo’s “The Fam in the Morning” radio show when she and her co-hosts weighed in on the news that Swift and her celebrity boyfriend, DJ and producer Calvin Harris, have split after more than 15 months together.

“Okay, that’s great for the album but let’s talk about that bacteria vaginosis.You keep on switching it out, your p H is gonna be all out of pocket.So, Miss Swift, I want you to slow that thing on down. You know the Metro cuts off at midnight.” Mo’s critique didn’t end there, though. The “R&B Divas LA” star continued and even claimed that Swift’s a “THOT.” Mo then complained that Swift is never regarded as such because she’s seen as more wholesome and lovable than women like the Kardashians. No, because always talk about the Kardashians and everybody is [saying] ‘H*e is life’ and ‘h*es be winning.’ Taylor Swift, you’re a THOT. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a THOT.” Well, that’s definitely one way of looking at the pop star.

We confirmed the text are real by matching the telephone number to Lil Mo’s husband cellphone.The text messages will show not only is Lil Mo’s husband is cheating on her faithfully, but he’s turned on by men d*ck and cum.The girl has asked us not to post every message and to cover her responses so he wouldn’t know it was her giving us the tea.Check it out below Third woman also came forward last night Third woman just came forward on Lil Mo hubby once she realized who I was taking about. The girl said she didn't even know who he was & she thought he was just a regular guy.She said there was no signs of Lil MO or her kids at his spot back in April.My guess is that he used his friends place to have sex with her.