Libra woman dating cancer man

Cancer man and Libra woman make the combination of water and air.Their relationship is full of imaginations and sometimes puzzling too.They both are sensitive people thus they need to co-operate well with each other to make this relationship long lasting.

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The union of a Libra man and a Cancer woman can be challenging.

Two signs that live in opposite hemispheres and have drastically different personalities may want to do little with each other, socially or otherwise.

A work relationship between the Libra man and a Cancer woman may not flourish exquisitely well because volatile situations do not settle well with the couple.

However, when a Libra man and a Cancer woman come together in a social setting, they may be intrigued with each other's lives that will further push them together to experience and understand each other.

Highly unlikely to cancel such a date request, a Libra man can turn a wholly platonic friendship into a passionate relationship if he so desires.