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The label simply stated, "It's false," in response to rumors that were reported by Chinese media.On July 5, overseas media outlets reported Yoon A and Li Yifeng were more than just friends.It turns out the dating rumors arose after a popular Chinese blogger wrote an article questioning whether Yoon A and Li Yifeng were in a relationship.According to Chinese media outlets, the two stars were in the same city in China at the same time, and Li Yifeng had secretly visited South Korea to see the Girls' Generation member.Despite the reports, it seems there's no truth to the rumors.

Yoon A previously starred in Li Yifeng's music video for his song "Please Contact Me", and he also filmed a special congratulatory video for her recent fan meeting tour.KAMLOOPS — He put his heart on the line, in front of millions of people. Li was given 20 to 30 minutes to impress 24 women, and he says it was one of the most nerve wracking experiences of his life. In July, he travelled to Nanjing, where he appeared on the popular television dating show 'If You Are the One' where 10 Canadians were profiled during the episode.While he didn't end up meeting 'the one' Li says it was an opporunity he'll never forget.It's a cultural phenomenon, each episode watched by up to 50 million people. Dali Li was right there, front and centre, on 'If You Are the One' the biggest TV dating show in all of China. Li was one of 10 male contestants from across Canada who travelled to the Chinese city of Nanjing, to appeared on the show for a Canadian special."It was a wow experience for me, the moment i got off the elevator, the lighting and there was about 300 to 400 audience and it was a really wow experience for me," says Dr. "I didn't think i was going to be selected, so i thought i was just going to register for fun, maybe try through the interview process to meet someone." But before he knew it, film crews landed in Kamloops to profile Dr. Video clips to be featured on the show about him, his past relationships, and a little message from some of his friends.