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The all new aluminum housing is low-noise for cooling.

Am Logic S805 Quad Core ARM Cortex A5 1.5 GHz CPU + Quad Core Mali 450 GPU DDR3 1 GB and 8 GB NAND Flash storage One question that popped up in my head was who is providing the licensing rights for the content streamed through the box?

This information is unfortunately not provided on the v Stream TV website.

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A copy of the v Stream TV compensation plan is provided on the company’s website, however further research reveals this to only be a partial copy of the plan.As such I’ve had to combine information from v Stream TV affiliate presentations as well as the official compensation plan documentation provided by the company.There are twelve affiliate ranks within the v Stream TV compensation plan.There is no information on the v Stream TV website indicating who owns or runs the business.The v Stream TV website domain (“”) was registered on the 27th of January 2015 and lists a David Bremner as the owner.

An address in the US state of Virginia is also provided.

Based on the Nutronix domain email address used to register the v Stream TV domain, David Bremner would appear to be a relative of Bob Bremner (right).

Bob Bremner is the Founder of both Nutronix and The Legends Network.

Why this information isn’t provided on the v Stream TV website is a mystery.

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Android 4.4 Kit Kat supports a Google browser, Flash10.2 and HTML5.