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You may not actually go for this, however, social services CAN force the issue if you go on assistance...

From what I have read, most of the post see this as a majorly negative thing, and it is often associated with why "single mother" would be a risky choice at best for some men.

On the other hand, I have another understanding of this law.

I am thinking of for instance of the situation described by a single mom on another post, where she explained that her 5 years old has seen her bio dad only until a few month old, and then has seen the boyfriend as her "real" dad for over 4 years now - nearly all her life.

As far as she is concerned, that step-dad IS her real dad, not the bio dad.

When I try to imagine that I would be this step-dad, the boyfriend, I am left wondering this: what would happen if I suddenly were to break-up with the mom?Wouldn't I be totally heart-broken that this would mean I was going to loose my relationship with "my" daughter?Of course, that kid isn't really the boyfriend's daughter - not from a biological sense.But as far as the relationship links created between the step-dad and her, it might be nearly as terrible for the step-dad never to see her again, as it would be for the kid.Note that the law of course isn't about single mother, but rather about single parent and that it can just as well be applicable to a single-dad with full custody having a girlfriend.For this reason, I'll present my question in a neutral way, and will talk about primary caregiver vs step-parent.