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Do you think Karen's business card reads, "I'm Michelle Kwan's sister....she's in my phone?" Both of his performances were in the vein of Bebe Liang.

Mishin's packaging of skating is up there with Khokhlova and Novitski.Not sure if either os his costumes had anything to do with the music or if they were even intended for his current programs. Given that he is Russian and has already been arrested, I think he has the potential to be the next Yagudin.Lutai's skates were lost all week and his free skate really displayed his lack of practice.The gays had an up and down competition at Cancerous Skate America.The short programs were hot messes, but the divas got in bitch mode and really attacked their free skates.

I applaud the drama of it all, but the shorts were really quite pitiful.

Igor Macypura competed and is 'coached' by Karen Kwan.

This guy actually has potential but he is competing at the level of Karen when she went away to Boston University. There is some obvious Russianish jumping technique in there, but he isn't going to realize his potential at the East West Ice Palace.

He will continue to stagnate like Caroline Zhang if he keeps that up.

Karen went out to dinner with Igor after the event and they actually seem to have a good relationship.

I'd pay Karen to coach me if it meant I was that close to Michelle.