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I benefit greatly from creative criticism, so if you have sometime to say that could help me, please do not hesitate to do so. Not a clone who just flows with the mainstream culture.

making my own clothes), piercings, crazy hair, tattoos Anything involving Asia, Japan in particular, anime, horror movies with an actual plot and not just random gore, my cat, Youtube, testing my endurance, video games, my computer, sushi, yuri, very dark colors and neon(Japanese) The Gazette--Alice Nine--Dir en grey--An Cafe--D'espairs Ray--Kagrra,--L'Arc~en~Ciel--Girugamesh--LM.

C--Su G--Plastic Tree--Danger Gang--Miyavi--Sadie--SID--Versailles--Panic Channel--Aicle--Phantasmagoria--Pierrot--Sc Re W--Kra--D--Nightmare--Sads--Malice Mizer--Moi dix. At age 17, Akito Sohma attempts to escape a chaotic past and a troubled family by moving to a new city.

Mois..others(English) Atreyu--Bullet for my Valentine--Senses Fail--Silverstein--Skillet--Escape the Fate--Brokencyde--Alesana--Saosin--Scary Kids Scaring Kids--Underoath--Medic Droid--Chiodos--Bring me the Horizon--Drop Dead Gorgeous--Blessthefall--Dance Gavin Dance--The Devil Wears Prada--Three Days Grace--Disturbed--The Sex Pistols..countless others The Gazette-ANYAn Cafe-Miku x Kanon--Bou x Miku--Bou x Kanon Death Note-Light x L--Mello x Matt--Mello x Near--Light x Mikami Harry Potter- Harry x Draco Twilight- Bella x Jacob--Bella x Jasper--Bella x Edward--Bella x Alice--Alice x Edward Fruits Basket-Kyo x Yuki--Kyo x Haru--Yuki x Haru--Akito x Tohru--Hatori x Tohru--Akito x Rin Vampire Knight-Zero x Kaname Alice Nine-Hiroto x Saga--Hiroto x Shou Dragon Knights-Rath x Thatz--Rath x Rune Favorite Manga/Books: Twilight (though i don't think it deserves all the hype it's been getting)--Harry Potter--Death Note--Fruits Basket--Vampire Knight--Nana--Kodocha--Dragon Knights The Mabudachi Trio school the younger Sohmas on 'How To Be A Loverboy'. But when Tohru Honda comes into Akito's life, memories come back as the teenagers face their futures. Tohru literally 'falls' for Hatori one fateful summer day.

Akito will allow Tohru to keep her memories of the Sohmas if one of them can get her to marry a Sohma by graduation. When will it be too hard for them to bear their romantic feelings toward each other? After losing her 50 years ago, Jasper is reunited with his former fiance Bella who doesn't remember anything from her human life but what happens when the circumstances aren't what he hoped for?

Will love blossom under the dreary conditions that plague the Sohmas? The best smut authors on Fan Fic have come together to create the ultimate advent calendar! *Terrible at summaries, my 1st story* J/B/EWhat if Bella wasn't beautiful when she first met Edward?

Each day leading up to Christmas we will be posting a new chapter, each written by a guest author! Shy, scared, alone, and hurt Bella comes to Forks at the request of Dr.Carlisle Cullen, who thinks he can help her battered legs regain their strength when other doctors have failed. Jasper Whitlock is a 15 year old victim of child abuse.This is the story of how he deals with it, and finds possible love along the way.Will the bonds he shares with his friends help him survive, and heal? ) refers to the Indian Bengali language film industry based in the Tollygunge region of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.The origins of the nickname Tollywood, a portmanteau of the words Tollygunge and Hollywood, dates back to 1932.