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Church” tells the story of a unique friendship that develops when a little girl and her dying mother retain the services of a talented cook – Henry Joseph Church.

It is based on a true story, as most of these types of films seem to be, right? Other questions: Would my initial reaction be different?I am going to say it would because it wouldn’t strike me as aligning with the stereotypes and trope.Yes, I know it’s “based on a true story”, but I can’t help but wonder if that “true story” would even be developed into a film if the racial dynamic was different.For the past 2-3 years, the idea of “Black Girl Magic” exploded on social media platforms as a celebration of the wonder, joy, and triumph of Black women and girls.I remember when Cashawn Thompson began spreading the word that “Black Girls Are Magic!

” and we collectively jumped on the positivity train. Because for centuries, we have been relentlessly subjected to the cruelty forged at the intersection of sexism and racism, and it appears that we have finally decided we are not going to take it anymore.Around the globe, we are celebrating ourselves in ways unseen before and it’s a beautiful thing.We are encouraging each other, supporting each other’s endeavors, and more and more, we’re breaking down barriers and making history.While there have been (and will always be) detractors who ask, “What about ALL girls? ”, we understand the importance of this magical bond of sisterhood that only we can truly engage and understand. “Movies featuring a “magical” or spiritually gifted Black lead character have been released for many years, and the trend continues to grow in popularity.And yes, it’s rubbing off on others and we appreciate the support from all kinds of groups who don’t seek to co-opt this movement, but to uplift and affirm it for what it is. These Black characters, often referred to as “magical Negroes,” generally focus their abilities toward assisting their White lead counterparts.At first glance, casting the Black and White leads in this manner seems to provide examples of Black and White characters relating to each other in a constructive manner; however, a closer examination of these interactions suggests a reinvention of old Black stereotypes rather than authentic racial harmony.”“Mr.