Is frankie sandford dating ashley cole dating the end

My mole says: “He was with a few of his teammates having a quiet drink in the main room of the club.

“He just looked slightly bemused and shoved her off to continue his frantic texting.“He and his mates left soon afterwards and Frankie slunk back to her friends.Sheleft about an hour later, looking pretty glum.” Sure, Ashley was married to Cheryl, one of showbiz’s most beautiful women, but he’s certainly snogged some shockers over the years.Frankie Sandford was really, really peeved when a tabloid reported that she had been dating Ashley Cole back in April this year.And now an unfortunate choice to party at the same nightclub in London last night meant they were both snapped leaving within minutes of each other at am.

Thankfully, Frankie is now back with Mc Fly hottie Dougie Poynter so her club exit from Chinawhites is just an unfortunate coincidence.On Sunday she told a paper she was shocked by rumours she had been seeing Ashley, adding: "As if! I'd get upset and I'd call Dougie and tell him none of the stories were true." Frankie looked fabulous in a pale yellow vest and leather-effect leggings, while Ashley Cole - who was out partying with footballer Didier Drogba - wore jeans and a t-shirt. So quite why Ashley Cole shunned the advances of gorgeous Frankie Sandford I’ll never know.Displaying all the restraint of a Tibetan monk, the Chelsea defender, 29, turned his back when she tried to kiss his neck and physically pushed her away.The Saturdays singer, 21, had even flirtatiously perched on his knee at London’s Chinawhite – but Ashley humiliated her by refusing to acknowledge her presence.This from a man who once vomited over a one-night stand.