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Consider the photo she just posted on Instagram below...Bristol and Gino attend “the fights” (boxing) at the Wasilla Sports Complex. In her cut-away interview, Bristol says that there is “absolutely no reason” for Gino to act jealous. She says he can only come if he “buys her a bunch of stuff.” Bristol asks what would warm her heart.Bristol says, “Levi cheated on me with that girl” and Gino responds, “Why would you tell me that? Willow says, “Nothing, I don’t have a heart.” She says if Andy shows up empty handed, she will “punch him in the face.” For Valentine’s Day (which he calls “Valentimes Day”), Gino decides to cut down Bristol’s trees at her new house so she can enjoy a clear view of the sunset.

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Willow is mad at Andy for some reason, so she un-invites him. Willow and Bristol go to a bookstore to look through cookbooks to decide what to make for the boys for Valentine’s Day.(I would cry if someone cut down my old-growth trees, but maybe that’s just me.) Bristol appreciates the gift, because nothing says love like deforestation.Bristol Palin's new boyfriend Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti seems like a real salt-of-the-earth fellow. Except he makes fun of people with Down syndrome and thinks reality TV shows about Alaska suck."He's a good guy," Bristol said of Paoletti to E! Paoletti seems to have taken down his Facebook page sometime last night (the page still exists, but you can no longer find it through Facebook search and he is no longer listed publicly on his friends' pages), but not before a tipster sent us some screenshots of some of his comments. And according to his Facebook commentary, he thinks it's cool to call people "nigga" and laughs about having sex with overweight developmentally disabled women.

We have all the same religious beliefs and our families both come first in our lives." Giacinto is an outdoorsy laborer with a strong back—he works for a company called Refrigeration Unlimited—who fits right into the Palin family's carefully cultivated self-image as a brutal clan of white frontier warriors.

Here are some that Sarah might not like: In this one, Paoletti—who, as an Alaskan of Italian heritage, is stupendously white—recontextualizes the painful history of racial terror in this country by bravely appropriating the oppressor's language and calling his bros "nigga." And here is family-friendly Paoletti in a delightfully witty back-and-forth with a compatriot about whether or not his pal Joby Higgins would have sex with with a hypothetical "future gf" who is "250 and has down sindrome" (we assume that's 250 pounds, because fat chicks are funny! Paoletti judged the prospect to be likely: "hahahaha joby would slayyyy that." Yes!

Joby would totally have sex with a 250-pound mentally and physically challenged lady! And here he is seeming to lump Sarah Palin's reality TV show into a category called "Idiot's of Alaska." In a discussion about a show called "Alaska Gold," a friend (quite accurately!

The daughter of former Alaska governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin is still stirring the pot on a daily basis, but these days, the controversies have more to do with Palin's personal life than her politics.

The war between Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer has ended in peace.

After initially refusing to divulge that Meyer was even the father of daughter Sailor Grace, Bristol has now done a total 180.