Is ann coulter dating a liberal symantec preventing windows vista from updating

As Ann Coulter and CNN’s Piers Morgan discussed politics and the Republican party, the TV host for some reason felt compelled to question his guest on her dating preferences.More specifically, Morgan wanted to know if Coulter would ever date a “liberal,” possibly HBO’s Bill Maher.

Ann Coulter garners more attention than she deserves, but as a public service allow me to share some tidbits about the town where she grew up. It ranks high among the richest communities in the nation, a statistic you can look up.At the least this will provide a basis of understanding, as in "how did she grow up to be such nutjob? It would also rank somewhere high on any list of those with the most family dysfunction, if such a list could be found. I should know, I grew up there too, in a family crazier than most. But I may be able to offer a few clues to her public personna with a few facts and ancedotes about the special place she called home before making the big time.Follow me below the fold to the simply splendid town of New Canaan, Connecticut, which bills itself as the next station to heaven, whose motto is grow or go.New Canaan lives in the shadow of its more famous neighbors, Westport, former home of Martha Stewart and the late Paul Newman, and Greenwich, home to notorious hedge fund managers.

Its citizens, many of whom are CEOs and other high level executives of major corporations, like it that way.These folks include Coulter's father, who was an attorney for the Phelps Dodge Corporation, a mining company known as one the leading air polluters in the United States, and potentially responsible for 13 Superfund toxic waste sites.There is also some serious semi-old money there too--Texaco, RJ Reynolds, IBM, among others.They all cherish their privacy, guard it zealously, and have the means to pay dearly for their privileges of high-quality schools, exclusive clubs, pricey shops, and seclusion.The town even has its own branch extending from the New Haven commuter train line. Yet New Canaan has also served as a refuge for low-key but highly accomplished artists, musicians, thespians, intellectuals, writers and architects, most notably architect Philip Johnson.He lived there for 55 years in his famous Glass House.