herpes dating site san francisco Introvert dating an extrovert

For example, many quiet guys are good at relationship game – adept at dealing with women they’ve already slept with.

Meeting and seducing new women takes introverts out of their comfort zone. If you wanna meet girls, you’ve gotta resolve to get out there and do it. Day game and online game are probably best for introverted men.

In practice, most of that discomfort comes from direct approaches, online first dates, or social circle game. Or record your voice, and play it back to find and correct verbal ticks. The world doesn’t care if you’re introverted, and staying home won’t get you women. I’ve done well with online game, but whatever you prefer.

But you’ve gotta do those things to sleep with new girls. The point is to pick one game approach, then master it.

So to be successful with women, quiet men must adopt the extrovert persona. Here’s how introverts can wear the extrovert skin: Wearing the extrovert skin means talking to girls successfully. Minimize alcohol and drug use when you’re in seduction mode.

Alcohol or uppers can become social crutches, cannabis or downers can put you too deep in your head. For example, I follow the two drink rule on first dates – usually just one but never more than two beverages per date.

That allows me a nice buzz, and loosens me up without getting out of control.

But if you’re starting off in the game, you’ll likely want a clear head – so keep drinking to a minimum. Looking your best helps you act your best – just common sense. Small, intimate social gatherings are preferable to large parties.

Being well-dressed gives you the added edge, the confidence you need to seal the deal. Set yourself up for success, put yourself in a position of strength, and don’t handicap yourself with bad locations.

You don’t have to suit up – though there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re cold approaching during the day – then malls or coffeehouses will be best, depending on your city. Never put yourself in a situation where you’re stuck and can’t leave where you’re at.

A well-fitted v-neck, nice jeans, and high-quality belt and boots can go a long way. Introverts are built for solo game, lone wolf seduction. If you’re a quiet man, this already makes sense to you. Seduction already takes you out of your comfort zone. You must be able to escape when Wearing the extrovert skin is similar to acting. You’re just projecting your most social self – a slightly exaggerated version of your personality. Bring her to your place, complete the seduction, and… Once you’ve gotten her back to your place and scored, enjoy your win. You’re not done gaming yet, but you’re in more familiar territory.

You’re already used to going it alone; doing things by yourself. And that can be a lot of fun; especially when that causes someone to respond well. For example, let’s say you’re on an online first date. If she’s worth it, build a relationship – add her to your harem, make her your girlfriend, or anything in between. If you’re an introvert who wants girls, you’ve gotta take action, be flexible, and evolve.