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Azar is a new friend discovery app through video chat. Exposing yourself to different cultures and languages has never been simpler!

We help you explore people from around the world in the comfort of your own home. At Azar, we believe in video messaging because it is the fastest way of communication.

You would see a profile of each person and make a video call to whomever you choose to talk to.

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No longer do you have to wonder the ambiguity from text based communication, or be disappointed by the person not living up to their wonderfully crafted profile.Get to the real substance by having real conversations. It is simple, swipe to the left, and start checking other people’s profiles.________The Azar team takes pride in the product and the friendly community that we build.We have zero tolerance for any offensive behaviors or bullying in our community.As such, any violations against our policies will be taken seriously and will lead to account suspension/revoked.

________Please continue your support for Azar, and we will keep building to your friend discovery needs!Please share with friends, and review us on App Store.Features: - Friend discovery through video chats over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi.- Add your new friends to friends list.- Free text messages and video calls with friend list.- Filters to adjust friend discovery criteria (regional, gender).- Easy signin with Facebook account.- Add your Facebook friends to Azar friends list.- Search for friends with their user IDs.- Look cool with your friends with video effects and filters.Premium service: (~200)- You may either purchase Azar gems in our item shop, or earn gems by helping customer service team the Azar community by reporting abuse- You may use your Azar gems to purchase discovery filters and messaging functions.________- Learn more at Like us on Facebook at - Follow us on Instagram at https://instagram.com/azar_official- Need help or have a suggestion?