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Up For It is a dating site specifically for gay, straight and bisexual adults and couples, 18 and over, looking for primarily sexual relationships.There's a lot of tongue-in-cheek and racy imagery as well as content, and it's definitely meant for people who want to get down to meeting someone, fast.

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You'll have to wait until you get an email however to activate your account; it took me less than 30 seconds to get that email, as well as another with a list of potential suitors (all of whom were considerably older than me, I might add).

Once authenticated, you'll be met with a series of pages asking for some basic details. (discreet, with another couple, casual are some of the options) Demographic questions follow (age, sexual orientation, height, weight, body type, even measurements), and then you're asked for a photo.

Without one, you're basically invisible in search, because only profiles with images are shown.

The racier the better here, as demonstrated by some of the images shared.

Next up is a quick explanation as to who you are and what you're after, and then it jumps right into the naughty stuff: what sex position is your favorite, what kinds of things you like in the bedroom and on a date, and other, more adult-oriented stuff I think I can refrain from sharing here.

Once finished, I was informed that as a gal, I automatically receive a "Diamond" (free) membership, and can review all of the site's features for free.

My first stop was to change the filtering on the site to a more appropriate age range (just like Be Naughty, the default was a full 20 years older).

Then I played around with the search features, are there are quite a few options other than just your age, location and last visit.

Why not try a zip or postal code search, or just mail them all?

Yep, you can mail everyone in your search results with one very quick swoop, should you desire.

My favorite, however was the "reverse search" option, which offered me a list of folks looking for someone like me.