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In just a couple weeks, Spring will officially be here.

She works with clients to help them create their dream homes that reflect their personality, character, and style.She does everything from color consultations, space planning, furniture arrangements and selections, to window treatments, lighting, and artwork.USE BRIGHT FLORALS: As a designer that often incorporates vibrant colors into her high-impact designs, she says, “an easy and affordable way to update your home for spring is to add colorful accents such as yellow throw pillows or vases in a floral pattern.Or, you can create your own botanical artwork and paint the frame in pinks, oranges, or blues.” Named one of the Top 25 Designers by , Anne Hepfer, Principal of Anne Hepfer Interior Designs, has been creating magnificent, editorial-worthy homes since the beginning of her career.She began her design career working under Daniel Romualdez on the homes of famed fashion designer, Tory Burch, which gave her a great start in the interior design field.

She offers a fresh aesthetic, creating sophisticated and open spaces awash in light and lush with texture.

PAINT YOUR WOOD: She says, “there is a deep seated notion that many people inherit from their parents that one should never touch wood.

I believe that there is a time (and a space) for dark wood, but I wouldn’t sacrifice light over keeping natural wood when you won’t be drawn to a dark room.

Painted trim, wainscoting, coffered ceilings and staircases can be stunning and really open up an area to make the home your own.” As an example, she states, “if you have large windows, dark window panes can be incredible.

Make some solid accent choices to really highlight and contrast a neutral room.” As the National Director of Social Media for Closet Factory, one of the authorities in the custom closet and storage industry since 1983, Dan Moyer, Jr.

has been helping to educate people everywhere about the benefits of organizing their homes.