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They may live in the same apartment, but they're about to find they are on very different paths.

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With all of that, Heidi is still missing one thing: her best friend.

Since Heidi moved in with Spencer, she hasn't spoken to Lauren at all, and the rift is only getting bigger.

Now Heidi is headed towards the most important decision of her life, but she doesn't have her best friend to share it with.

Heidi Montag stars in "Just Go With It" as Adon's wife.

The romantic comedy co-stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Brooklyn Decker.

Heidi Montag starred on MTV's reality docu-drama "The Hills." She also starred on NBC's "I'm a Celebrity... " on which she played for the charity, Feed the Children."The Hills" Season 1 In Season 1 of "The Hills," Heidi Montag is Lauren Conrad's new roommate in Los Angeles.They met in San Francisco when Lauren attended art school, where Heidi was also enrolled at the time.Heidi is now enrolled in fashion school with Lauren in Los Angeles, but a chance encounter with Hollywood's biggest party promoter gives her the opportunity to work the nightlife scene.Heidi must decide whether she will stay in and study or get paid to go out every night.While Lauren is focused on working hard to achieve her long-term goals, Heidi wants it all and she wants it now.