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Don't friend this one; he has some good lies to tell you! id=100011373242989A GRS friend wants to warn you that this scammer, CHRIS JOHNATHAN is still active. This fake calling himself JAMES STURT CHANDLER, or just JAMES CHANDLER, claims to be in the U. He claims to have an adopted son named Calvin & money needs to be sent to him through a "diplomat", Issah Jamal. He is an identity thief and a liar & he does Not live in the U.

Girls do all the housework while boys go out to play with their friends after school.

There are several issues that girls and women in Ghana face today and all can be stemmed from ancient traditional practices in the country, religious influences since colonial times, power play, social pressures, etc.

Domestic violence has been one major problem in our society, and although it cuts across all genders, women are the most victimised.

This scum scammer is using the name ERIC TALLEY JAMES with the popular stolen Stuart James pics.

Can you please post this on your website to warn people of this woman who only wants to scam you out of money.

He is a black man/boy sitting at a computer in Africa, making up lies to get your money!! So the moral of this story: Don't believe anyone using this name - male OR female! https:// Italian GRS friend wants to warn you of this scum scammer calling himself HARRY F. Her name on Facebook is Mary Lepen from Paris France and is an investor at Work In Paris. id=100013249184866This one, SELMER MOSENG, must not have done very well as a scammer using stolen pics of Danielle FTV, so he decided to be a man from N. (He stole these photos from an innocent party, too, of course). Well, we didn't like her, so we banned her/him before posting this. She also sends packages thru UPS or Fedex to your address with fake names on them for you to ship to Ghana for fake charities that don't exist. He will send you fake documents and request your banking information. His fake lawyer, James Fokua, will also contact you to convince you to send money by Western Union. Then he can contact the victims & offer his "help". It would just be another way to scam money from you! id=100013507779172We don't need AMG OSEI CORNELIUS aka CRISS WADDLE JNR snooping around our page, either. It's always nice when they present themselves to us instead of us having to look for them. id=100008227727789This scammer, using the name ROSEMARY TIEMANN and Josie Ann Miller pics, had the nerve to "like" our page. The money he asks you for, however, needs to be sent to Debora Gasu in Accra, Ghana. She will then ask for you to send her money either by Western Union or Money Gram because her company froze her bank account. ) along with one of the scammers who is pretending to be him (who IS actually the one you are talking to! He claims to live in Ontario, Canada, & have a diamond company in Ghana. PRESTON is an African using stolen photos of the real U. We think he is scoping out our page to find people who have been scammed. He says he is from Oakland, California, and that he has a son named James. She will fall in love with you fast and promise to come be with you . We are posting some pics of the real Stuart James (who is NOT on the internet talking to you! He is claiming to be in the military and is using stolen pictures. https:// scammer calling himself GERALD SMITH can be found on dating sites. ( Pictures are stolen from Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder and used with hundreds of fake names by scammers! id=100012707233388This scum scammer, calling himself GEN DAVID L. She is actually claiming to be this famous actress by telling everyone that the photos on her Facebook page is her and saying her name is Sonal Chauhan. She is claiming she got out of the fashion industry and now is an investor in Paris at a company called Work In Paris. Everything he says is a lie of course, just to get money from his victims. id=100011355824210A GRS friend wants to warn you of this scum scammer calling himself NED ADAMS. id=100013042063180A GRS friend wants to warn you about this fake, MARY LEPEN: This woman is on Facebook as Mary Lepen she is using photos of an actress Sonal Chauhan, from India . And, for good measure, he tosses something into his story about finding gold!