Game of thrones who is dating who

The "Game of Thrones" stars, who play Jon Snow and feisty wildling Ygritte, are dating again a year after their reported break up — according to Us Weekly.

"They've been back on for about three months," a source told the magazine.

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A rep for Harington declined to comment to the Daily News about his personal life.

Though neither actor has ever confirmed an off-screen romance, Leslie, 27, has talked about her chemistry with Harington, 27 — which she said helped with filming Ygritte's death in Jon Snow's arms.

"It's a wonderful perk when you're able to get on with your costar, and Kit is a wonderful, wonderful man," she told the Daily Beast, though she denied they were dating at the time in the same interview.

The pair have been spotted out numerous times together however they've both refused to comment on the situation.

So we've all been a little confused dreams have come true!

Related: How many more seasons of Game of Thrones can we expect?​IMAGE | TWITTER Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were snapped canoodling around L. ​IMAGE | TWITTER There was speculation that the pair were dating back in 2012, but it was never confirmed. but we hope the real-life romance between the Night’s Watchman and the Wilding will go better than they did on-screen.In season four of , Ygritte was obsessed with killing Jon Snow for betraying her.When she couldn’t bring herself to finish the job, Jon’s protégé shot her in the back.Watching Jon cradle her body amidst the battle at Castle Black was truly heartbreaking.Kit Harington and Rose Leslie appear to have just as much of a hot and cold relationship as their "Ice and Fire" pairing.