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Grindr and Blendr serve the same basic premise — find somebody nearby to date, flirt with and possibly hook up with — with Grindr being aimed at the Gay and Bisexual community and Blendr for the Straight community.

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Skout’s mission is a little less flirty and a little more friendly, if that’s your thing; it claims a global userbase, so it’d be feasible to be friends with people in Adelaide or Vladivostok simultaneously. I have to say, i'm rather against sites like these because in reality it's pretty damn easy to meet women, even just for a casual thing. chances are there are a lot of guys out there who dont want the kind of girl you pick up in a bar.Most guys either don't try at all, or try some cheezy shit and then wonder why they're not getting anywhere... That said, the girl in that photo makes a pretty convincing case for it! im not implying a slut ratio here or anything but maybe bushwalking is your thing and lets face it you arnt statistically likely to meet someone with a common interest like that in a pub in inner melbourne. Assumptions like that might be what are holding you, or some other guys back.swapping around the various walking groups is probably awkward and difficult socially. If bushwalking was your thing, i'd probably try a bushwalking club rather than a pub : P im not saying you HAVE to meet people at a pub what im saying is that things like bush walking clubs, maybe airplane model clubs, whatever your into if its a slightly outside the norm or quite manly they tend to be small (less than 15 people per group even if part of a larger network) and if your going to get a decent sample size as it were you would have to move around between them. people do judge on looks first and even if you do get past the first hurdle of looking a bit wierd finding common ground with someone when your ground is Vivaldi and Picasso when your meeting a stranger in an unrelated area is pretty slim.Do you want to meet great single gay men in Adelaide for friendship, dating, and more? Currently studying at uni of adelaide About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking for a strong-build guy who can protect me, and who likes bdsm style of sex.Welcome to Real, the gay men's community with gay personals and dating, gay chat and video chat, gay forums, and the latest gay men's health and fitness information. You can search, email, chat, video chat, and more with other gay men for free.

About Guys I Want To Meet: looking for discrete single hot aussie guys or euro guys who are normal, st8 acting and who enjoy life and respect the same values as me. About Me: I'm a shy person, and I like bdsm style of sex so much.

I have an average, if not slim, body and I enjoy light sex and multiple positions. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking for a guy between 18-30 years with an average but smooth body. About Me: St8 acting guy with Italian background who wants to fool around a bit, find a gym buddy to keep me motivated and on track and have some fun on a regular basis.

I love meeting new people and making strong connections. :) I'm mostly smooth from inside with some hair on the legs but not dense. Guys with an open mind and good bodies can contact me at my email address - [email protected]

Would be really hot if he gets sweaty during his workouts too ;) wouldn't mind cleaning him up with my tongue hahaha ; P I really like white guys cause they are just soo damn fine! About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for other guys who have the same feelings as I do about the Manly Art of Self Defense. Then, after a good, hot, sweaty BOXING MATCH, if the chemistry is right, I like to GET IT ON HOT AND HARD WITH MY OPPONENT. About Guys I Want To Meet: Think I'm asking for a rare find (esp here in Radelaide) but you gotta be in it to win it -so I'm looking for a bodybuilder/muscle guy for training partner = bodybuilding &/or martial arts & long term friend & fuck buddy-happy to train 3 to 4 days per week but happy to do more. About Me: I'm generally straight but sometimes can't resist the urge for being with guys (old habits don't go easily).

About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking for a nice hunky guy with nice arms and a great body. I sponsored several tournaments there and in LA and have p... I'm a fairly private guy & don't like to give too much away so that makes things a bit hard trying to "sell" my... About Guys I Want To Meet: Guys who are slim / toned.

I am a middleweight boxer and go by the name Harbor Fighter in the ring. I opened my own boxing gym in southern Oregon in 2001 and became a certified USA Boxing coach. I've been described as your typical "Mr Nice Guy"...always having a laugh & a joke---with those I & loyalty are very important to me. Also, i'm a photographer - so if you'd like some profile photos or your body-building progress documented, i'd be happy to !