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Part One of this reading is a powerful visit and timely message from Spirit that was delivered in a miraculous flash of insight through a vision Kelly describes as having “both lasted for only a moment and simultaneously allowed me to touch and experience eternity.” The first 10 chapters in Part One of this book recount this vision that is equally as simple as it is profound and one that, like the lotus flower of enlightenment, continues to blossom and unfold.It is the foundation for the continuation of many experiences of enlightenment to come.

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(Love is introduced in the storyline) Chapter 9: Understanding (Understanding is introduced in the storyline) An incredible encounter and experience Kelly had while still a faithful member of a very dogmatic fundamentalist Christian church is shared in this chapter.This experience would become the catalyst to set his feet back on the path as a “seeker” in his effort and desire to gain higher understanding.The visitor would be back to visit him again a number of years later, and that visit would reveal to him exactly who this mysterious stranger was who so many years ago had shaken the foundations of his beliefs and turned his faith upside down in only moments, and with a few spoken words.Kelly recounts the experience of visiting his deceased alcoholic father’s grave.He shares that, “Upon arriving, I had nothing to say, or so I thought.

When I pushed myself to make the effort to pray for my Dad, what resulted was a love filled and Spirit inspired experience that would tear down walls it had taken years to construct.In being moved by Spirit to embrace forgiveness, I would leave the cemetery a completely different person and dramatically changed for the better!” A discussion takes place of the importance of recognizing the child within one another in our quest to be more compassionate and less judgmental.It teaches us that in doing so we learn to strip ourselves of the insecurities that prevent us from experiencing one another in fully functional and joyful relationships.The reader is encouraged to participate in an exercise in which they write a letter to themselves as if they were a child once again, but knew then what they know now.They are encouraged to give themselves advice on their decision making process and their approach to life.