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Casengo Chat Casengo live chat is the newest entry into live chat and is only 7 months old. But please remember the less the update interval the more time it will take of your server.

However is slowly becoming popular because it offers 1 agent free of cost for unlimited chat windows and allows cloud based chat and hence it doesn’t affect performance of your website. Only downfall is you have to use casengo admin panel for chat. Simple Ajax Chat This is a free for life chat plugin and refreshes automatically. We found this the best chat plugin for free till date and doesn’t have any real downfalls. My Live Chat My live chat is free for 1 agent for unlimited concurrent messages.

It is self hosted chat and is fully customize-able. It is hosted on mylivechat’s servers and hence doesn’t load up your server for performance issues.

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However it supports gtalk chat so this means one can use mobile phone as well to chat with their customers/visitors. This is also a free for life plugin and one can add as many users and have as many chats they want.

Doesn’t offer support or customizations in free version. Banckle Chat Banckle chat is free for 1 agent and allows 10 concurrent chats. The mibew chat plugin allows any kind of customization but one need to be a developer to do so as the customizations aren’t that easy for normal user but once set up this is a very good free chat plugin to use. Facebook Chat Name of this plugin is Tawea and it adds a facebook like bar for chat. It uses facebook login for a person to login and chat with you onto your website.

It has analytics with it so you can check about your visitors. The server doesn’t store any conversations or messages so this is the downfall. You can check if this is a good plugin for your website and read more about this plugin here: More info 8.

There are many chat plugins available for Word Press but it’s for you to decide which one suits you the most.

Also there are some which are free but have fewer features.

Some are free up to some extent and rest are paid ones.

Now it’s for you to weigh the features and decide which one is giving the best output as per the money they are asking.

But our experience is most of the paid ones have good features and offer easy customization.

Free ones are good for small businesses but less in terms of features.

Plugins which haven’t been updated in the last 2 years didn’t find place in our article as we think it is waste of time for you as well to consider those plugins.

Here is the list of all available and viable Word Press chat plugins: Free ones 1.