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In the States at fifty years old I was treated like an old man and I guess I was. Here at 68, I am a young man, treated like a king because I am a person, perceived as wise and kind and helpful. The beautiful people here and their culture change me from materialistic wage slave and struggling business owner into a tao, a person. And they have taught me the value of each and every one of them.I leaned in all in my religious and spiritual upbringing, but the materialistic culture of the States, where the dollar is king, did not reinforce it to the point it became a part of my being.I am not saying there is not a healthy respect for money and material things by Filipinos and in the Philippines.

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And including the respect I now have for others and myself, I have many amenities only a king could afford in a western country, not that I must have them.They are a lot of very nice to have, but not "must haves."I have all the things I need here, but I had those in the States too.As I initially said, the culture here is my greatest blessing. Have fun chatting with people from all over the world.Free Video chat in which you can do the following things:- Chat for free with all kind of people.

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How Can You Retire in the Philippines Like a King on US,000 per month? What a king is to one man is like a pauper to another. And I felt reasonably content, felt that my life was pretty good.

I feel like I am living like a king here in the Philippines and have been since I came here because of the kindness of the people. Compared to the Philippines, the States and most western countries and even some Asian countries, there is little empathy, concern for others. I was faring a lot better than some of my fellows who felt put out to pasture and had illness most illnesses stress related or induced.

And my small income seem like a kingly fortune too. I still had some future before me, not much to brag about, just a better job and more money to waste or tuck away for the future I knew would never come. The Filipinos have taught me the value of a person.