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= undefined && (hit.special_price_from_date ', suggestion: (function (i) { return function (hit) { = ' Tired of the internet dating sites where there is never anyone online? That is why, right here you can join & talk to other people that live in Minneapolis. Get instant results by chatting with other members in Minneapolis today!The best thing about it is that its always totally free to signup and chat with other members in Minnesota. Those are just a few things you can find in your experience at Target Field, the world class home of Twins Territory.Talk a little bit about the concept behind this show.

I set up the stage to look like a dorm room (with “Bob Marley” and “Pulp Fiction” posters, a snowboard, etc) and used a small inconspicuous microphone (until it broke).

I sit on the bed and go on the Chat Roulette website and free-style rap to the people on the computer.

The whole show is improvised, and one of the goals is to entertain the other person on the screen with a specialized rap for them.

I lyrically describe the visuals of that person, and also invite them to give a topic, engage in conversation, etc.

The chat-partner is led to believe that I’m just a 22 year old kid in a dorm room giving them a private, one-on-one rap session, while in reality the computer screen is projected so the crowd can see what the raps are referencing and also see and hear the chat-partner’s reactions.

Audience members are welcome to come on stage and act as “dorm neighbors, RA’s etc.” and sometimes the web cam is swiveled to reveal to the chat-partner that they are in fact in front of a crowd.