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After 155 comments from readers on the topic of Snow Leopard crashes, two potential solutions have been posted by readers.

We’re posting them here (a) to help you find them more easily and (b) because we’d like to know whether either one fixes your problems. Snow Leopard went off of my machines and won’t be going back on again until the issues are resolved.

Solution (a), from reader Darren: “I have had no end of problems, especially with Safari, since upgrading to Snow Leopard and now ALL MY PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN SOLVED by a simple boot into safe mode then reboot. Hopefully the solutions above help some people, but as it’s Buyers’ Guide assembly month, I can’t risk having the sorts of Photoshop, Safari, i Chat and other crashes I was dealing with before. Just stumbled on this page, read the two remedies, tried the Safe Boot, and it seems to have spanked this bad boy back into line.

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When it boots up you should notice it says safe mode, test, Safari mainly in my case, or what ever and if it all works just reboot without holding the shift key, Job sorted. For the past three weeks I’ve been experiencing all of the common crashing problems—ever since installing SL.What I’m told you are doing is re-writing all the permissions from scratch, mine is like it used to be, fantastic and with Snow Leopard.” Solution (b), from reader Fatal Fallacy, credited to Mr. First I did an upgrade over 10.5.8 (Mac Book Pro 2.88GHz), and it started into dumping on me immediately.Pi at Apple discussions: “Anyone that’s getting crashes whenever the system tries to save or open docs should try this: -1. Select ‘Sharing’ from the Internet & Wireless section -3. Mainly the Adobe CS4 apps—all of them—seemingly randomly but often at a save or an export out to PDF.From the list on the left choose ‘File Sharing’ and turn it off. Delete anything listed in the Shared Folders section -5. Lightroom and MS Office too, though much less often. I’m not a member, but I know you don’t do this for the fun of it. A short time after installing snow leopard upgrade I had to do a force quit on a program and just shutdown my Mac Book and can not get it to boot up again.Out of frustration I wiped everything and installed clean to a freshly formatted drive—a couple days’ work with all the crap I have to run. Immediately the Image Processor script runs perfectly! I just finished processing a series of sixteen 60-100 image directories in succession—changing source directories each time—with exactly zero dumps. Tried all the combinations that Apple manual suggested but it just won’t boot up.

The crashing persisted—no better no worse, and I’ve been scratching my head ever since. I am in Africa at the time and I didn’t bring my Tech Tool disc or OSx disc with me. Regards Dave Vick I think this might have cracked it.

Running some apps in Rosetta seemed to help, but who wants to do that? I’ll take this short-term conundrum over an eternity of Vista “compromises” and inadequacies any day. The most reliably unstable piece for me has been Photoshop CS4’s Image Processor script, and that won’t even run in Rosetta mode. Then every subsequent time, it would dump as soon as I set a different source directory for images and closed the source dir dialog. After I tried the Safe Boot, then restart (I figure it’s a simple enough fix if it works, right? I’ve been going crazy with constant crashes, I can’t say this is fixed yet as I’ve only just completed the “fix” but I have tried out Photoshop CS3 that used to crash very reliably and it now works as it used to, i.e. Some background, I’ve got a new 17 inch MBP with SSD and 8GB Ram (yes it’s a wonderful machine).

See, once the fix is in, it will back to the good life, and you whiners who want to bail to Windows 7, or whatever, will be sucking wind yet again. Before I could hit “Run” it would dump me out—every time until I rebooted. It worked perfectly and an application crash was at most a monthly event, perhaps even less.

Besides my workstation runs 10.5.8 still and it will stay that way until I’m satisfied SL is stable. I upgraded to SL the day it came out but I bought it in France, I just happened to be in France when they announced the upgrade and I’m enough of a geek to be on holiday with my laptop.

I thought the problems were related to the fact I’d used a French SL upgrade on English Leopard.

I’ve been running full 64 bit and thought that too might be the problem but it crashed in both 32 and 64 bit so I stuck with 64.