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[…] Continue reading →Do you want to know how to please a woman in and out of the bed­room?

If you’ve been in a rela­tion­ship, you know that women can some­times be impos­si­ble to under­stand, much less please! They seem to get worked up about the small­est things and they […] Continue reading →Fol­low these dat­ing dos and don’ts to mas­ter mod­ern dat­ing eti­quette and you’re almost guar­an­teed to make a great impres­sion.

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Ask­ing for a girl’s phone num­ber allows you to test her inter­est, build a stronger con­nec­tion and poten­tially set up a date.

It’s an impor­tant step in the dat­ing process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

In this post I’m going to share more great […] Continue reading →In this post you’ll dis­cover mas­cu­line behav­iors that can instantly make you more manly and attrac­tive to women.

This "Dating Tips for Men" category provides a range of helpful dating tips and advice.

You'll discover how to get a girls number become a master of dating etiquette and avoid dating mistakes. If you're wondering how to get a girlfriend, then you already know how tough it is to find a gorgeous, sexy and fun-loving girl who will love you for who you are.

You'll also find "how to" articles about pleasing a woman, getting a girlfriend, being more manly and much more. The dating game can feel overwhelming and adopting some "player persona" you "put on" on a Friday night usually just leads to more frustration.Cheesy pick-up lines and phony routines are pretty useless when it comes to building a lasting relationship with the girlfriend of your dreams. Continue reading →Have you ever had the magic just die in an inter­ac­tion with a woman?You know, one moment it seems like she’s inter­ested, then sud­denly you are left won­der­ing what hap­pened.You try so hard to get her inter­est back, but it’s almost as if you crossed some magic line and you can’t cross back.Then […] Continue reading →Most guys get ner­vous just think­ing about ask­ing a girl for her num­ber, but get­ting a girl’s num­ber doesn’t have to be hard.In this post we’ll take a look at how to get a girl’s num­ber and then I’ll clue you in on some of the com­mon mis­takes to avoid when mak­ing a number close.