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Seemingly simple innovations which make life oh so much easier. Dropbox takes all the pain—and most of the brain—out of sharing files.It lets you synchronize files across all your computers at home, at work and on the road; pool files for collaboration with workmates, family or friends; create online photo galleries in an instant; and share any single file—minuscule or gargantuan—simply by sharing a URL.

A copy of each file in your Dropbox is also stored online—encrypted and protected by your ID and password—so you get an instant backup of those files.You’ll also be able to access them from any computer with an Internet connection.Dropbox lets you synchronize any number of computers, so repeat this process until all your computers are set up. If you modify a file on one computer, only the changes are synced to your other computers, saving on bandwidth and making for surprisingly swift updates.If you’re working on a computer which is not currently connected to the Internet, as soon as you go online its Dropbox files will be updated.Similarly, if a sync is interrupted, Dropbox will resume from where it left off when you reconnect.

You can also adjust Dropbox’s bandwidth usage (right-click the Dropbox icon in the taskbar notification area and click Preferences -Dropbox keeps track of older versions of your documents for 30 days, allowing you to resurrect them if needed.You can remove the 30-day limitation by buying the Packrat add-on or by upgrading to a paid account.Dropbox offers several ways to share files with others.To share a single file with others, drag it into the pre-configured Public folder within My Dropbox.Any file you place in the Public folder is automatically assigned a URL (web address).Right-click the file and select Dropbox - Copy Public Link to copy the URL to the clipboard.