Delicious tags not updating

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Users create and apply their own tags in one step, and they can apply as many tags as they like to each bookmark.

In the mid to late 00s, Delicious was probably the most popular social bookmarking service, both among fanfic fans and everyone else.

However, Delicious's reign ended in September 2011 when the new company that had bought it relaunched the site with an unfinished redesign.

Even after functionality was restored, the redesign made Delicious less useful to many of its former users.

For many Live Journal fans, Delicious represented a better solution to some existing link-hoarding practices, such as hand-coding lists of recs in LJ posts or using LJ's cumbersome Memory function.

In general, the convenience of Delicious encouraged a shift from posting rec lists on fansites and blogs.The site relaunch in September 2011 resulted in fanfic fandom migrating away from Delicious, initially to Diigo and Pinboard.However, the net result was an overall decrease in the importance of bookmarking as a public resource in fandom, even as some individual fans continued bookmarking either on Delicious or elsewhere.Possibly relevant is that the disastrous site change occurred during the same period that fans were migrating from Live Journal to AO3 and Tumblr.AO3 has a bookmark function, and rec posts are popular on Tumblr.Fans who use Delicious use it to save fandom-related links or meta (in their own Delicious accounts) and locate recommendations for fannish reading material or find fanworks that might interest them (often using others' delicious accounts).