Datingwithhiv com how to stop a dating scam

In order to do this you must keep in mind the fact that sadly not everybody is accepting and broad-minded.Most people fear things they do not understand, so it is vital to ensure that when you disclose your condition that you try and dispel this fear.Obviously this will not help make rejection when dating with HIV any easier, but it will show you something that is very important indeed. You see when you are really fond of a person, you do not care what sort of baggage they bring with them.

You love the complete them and everything that goes into making them as they are.

Examples are everywhere of this; mixed marriages, ex criminals and people with disfigurations and disabilities finding love and also those with AIDS or HIV.

Being told that you are dating someone who is HIV positive or who has AIDS will obviously come as a shock.

Anyone who has been dating with HIV or AIDS will tell you just how difficult dating can be, particularly commencing new relationships.

Excitement and confidence, both emotions which should be present, become overpowered by the prospect of rejection.

No one enjoys being dumped, this goes without saying.

Although if it was due to your own fault - either you said or did something which resulted in your dumping - then at least you know that you have the ability to rectify this for next time.

Being dumped because you have AIDS or are HIV positive is something which is not under your control however.

This is why some people who have HIV or AIDS give up dating altogether.

In order to protect themselves from further rejection and pain they remain single and unhappy.

This situation seems more acceptable than dating with HIV. It is very important therefore to see what is going on when you suffer rejection due to your condition.